Signature Bio Rejuvenation Facial

Our Signature Bio Rejuvenation Facial is our latest adjunct to treating skin laxity, large pore size, hyperpigmentation, and loss of facial volume. The main components are TCA 33%, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Kojic acid 5%. The Bio Rejuvenation Facial
easily penetrates the epidermis and targets the papillary dermis. Upon reaching the papillary dermis it is rapidly followed by an increase in fibroblastic activity to produce collagen deposition and skin re-epithelization. The combination effects of
high-concentrated TCA with hydrogen peroxide provide deep hydration and regeneration of the skin at its deepest layers.

Price 4 Sessions - $1200

How it Works

Our Esthetician will first cleanse your face and/or area to remove any makeup and surface debris. Following your facial cleanse a product will be applied to the affected area to balance the Ph of the skin. Once the skin is prepped the product will be applied and gently massaged into the skin for adequate penetration. Clients will experience a tingling, slightly warm sensation as the product is actively reaching the papillary dermis. Once the affected area has been treated the skin will then be cleaned to remove all product in preparation for the hydrating cream to follow. The moisturizing face cream restores the hydrolipid film that was removed during the treatment thus restoring the skins natural skin barrier. Each client will leave with a take home product to be applied as needed for hydration and to extend the benefits of the Bio Rejuvenation Facial.

How It Works

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